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  • 20/11/2018

Cylinder measuring class B 250mL with plastic base and bumper guard (10)

Price: £101.90

Catalogue No: 137/B/250
Model: 137/B/250
Manufacturer: Glassco laboratory Equipment
Brand: Glassco
Material: Glass/glassfibre
Volume/Size: 250-499.9mL
Primary Material: Borosilicate glass
Product type: Cylinders
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Measuring cylinder, class B, 250mL, borosilicate glass, with plastic base and bumper guard


Safety and Shipping
Approx. shipping dimensions: (W) 40cm x (H) 20cm x (D) 20cm
Approx. shipping weight: 1.00 Kg
UN no: Not restricted
Class: N/A
Packing group: N/A
CAS no:N/A
EC no:N/A
Tariff code:70172000
Country of origin:Czech Republic