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  • 22/02/2018

Conductivity meter Hanna Edge kit 230v

Price: £685.05

Catalogue No: HI-2030-02
Model: HI-2030-02
Manufacturer: Hanna Instruments
Brand: Hanna
Measurement product type: Electrochemical (inc. Conductivity, Dissolved oxygen, pH)
Product type/style: Portable
Conductivity range: 0-500mS/cm
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Offers EC/TDS/Salinity measurement in an attractive lab/portable unit. Combines high precision technology with the user-friendly dimensions and format of a small digital table. Supplied with bench-top stand, electrode holder, HI-763100 conductivity probe, bracket for wall mount, USB cable, power adaptor, instruction manual (in English), 3 sachets each of 1413uS/cm and 12880us/cm conductivity standard.



Technical specification

Safety and Shipping
Approx. shipping dimensions: (W) 25cm x (H) 20cm x (D) 20cm
Approx. shipping weight: 1.00 Kg
UN no: Not restricted
Class: N/A
Packing group: N/A
CAS no:N/A
EC no:N/A
Country of origin:ROMANIA

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